Pen Portraits

Gwynn Williams

I first became a Governor in 2003 when my eldest daughter was in Year 1, with my younger daughter joining the school a year later. I became a Governor to ensure that all children at the school had an outstanding education within the ethos of Every Child Matters. Having spent my working life within the Public Sector as a Senior Manager, I am now the Chair of Governors at Hadleigh Infants & Nursery and bring the skills I use in my professional life to assist in the Governance of the school.

Roland Armitage

I am married to Sarah and we have three children, our oldest daughter enjoyed her time at Hadleigh Infants and is now in year 4 at Hadleigh Junior School, our other daughter is here in Foxes Class (Year 1) and our son has just started at St Barnabas Pre-school. When I haven’t got my Governor hat on I am a Powertrain Manager at Ford Motor Company and as a Chartered Engineer I am responsible for publicity for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Automobile Division Essex Centre. Outside of work, being a father of 3 keeps me very busy as you can imagine, so to relax I am a keen photographer and I am trying to improve my Clay Shooting a result I have little free time!

There are two main reasons why I decided to become a Governor at Hadleigh Infants – firstly I was a pupil at this school in the late 1970s so it is very rewarding to give something back to the local school that gave me an excellent foundation to my education and career – secondly I enjoy bringing external experience and business best practice into the School to help drive continuous improvement as well as take back new skills and perspectives to my workplace and other external groups I am involved with. You may be interested to see a one minute video clip from the “SGOSS - Governors for Schools” website that I hope will take some of the mystery away from what School Governors actually do – please click here.

'Working together, we learn & have fun.'