Leadership Team

Miss K Ryan - Assessment and Early Years
Mrs K Strickland - English and SENCO
Mrs S Cail - English Leader

Mrs C Huggett - Maths Leader

Year 2

Miss S McLaughlin - Tigers, Year 2 Job Share
Mrs H. Bell - Tigers, Year 2 Job Share
Mrs D Glanville - Zebras, Year 2

Year 1

Mrs K Strickland - Hedgehogs, Year 1 & SENCO
Mrs A Watson - Badgers, Job-share Year 1
Mrs S Cail - Badgers, Job-Share Year 1
Mrs C Huggett - Foxes, Job- Share Year 1
Mrs E Larn - Foxes, Job- Share Year 1


Miss K Ryan -Butterflies, Reception
Miss K Johnston - Bumblebees, Reception
Mrs L Bicknell - Ladybirds, Reception Job Share


Mrs W Bennett - Ducklings, Nursery Teacher

Admin & Finance Staff

Mrs C Rees – Bursar
Mrs A Cain – Finance Officer
Mrs L McCarthy – Finance Assistant
Mrs J Reader – School Administrator

Mrs P Burls – Learning Mentor
Mr A Aldridge - Site Manager

'Working together, we learn & have fun.'