COVID-19 Advice for Parents

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If someone in my child's bubble is displaying symptoms, does my child need to self-isolate? 
No. The person who is displaying symptoms will be isolated for at least 10 days or until they have returned a negative test. The rest of the bubble will be able to continue to attend school unless they or someone in their household starts to demonstrate symptoms.  
If my child has been asked to isolate, does that mean my entire household needs to isolate too?
No. If your child has been asked to isolate due to them being in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, the rest of the family do not need to isolate unless your child starts to display symptoms themselves. 
Is a cold or runny nose a symptom of COVID-19?
The school recognises that there is potentially a long list of symptoms linked to COVID-19; however, the school has been advised that we should only consider the three main symptoms of - 
  • a high temperature;
  • a new, continuous cough;
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
when considering if a child should self isolate or not. If you are unsure about your child's condition, please use the COVID-19 symptom checker below for further advice.



Will my child receive school work whilst self-isolating? 


If your child is self-isolating because they have symptoms, they will not receive work to complete at home. This is in line with any other type of illness. 


If your child is self-isolating because they have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, they will be provided work through the Seesaw App. If your child does not have technology to access Seesaw at home, please contact the school and we will arrange for paper work to be sent directly to your house.  


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