FAB Friday - Weekly Winners and Overall Leader Board

Fab Friday 
During the past term, the teachers decided to create Fab Fridays. This was designed to give the children something to look forward each week and allowed us all to have a little fun during a very challenging time. Each week the staff would need to wear something linked to the same theme - this ranged from funny footwear to Christmas decorations. The children were then given the challenge to try and work out what the theme was. If they could work this out before lunchtime they were provided with a treat in class. Despite the vast majority of the children working from home, we wanted this to continue. Each Friday the children will be sent a picture (via SeeSaw) of some members of staff and they will have to try and work out the theme. Once they have an idea of what the theme may be, they can send their answers back to their teacher. The teachers will collate the answers received and will submit them to me. Each week there will be a winning class and we will also be keeping a running total. At the end of each half term, the class who are winning the running total will receive a certificate and prize in the post.
The weekly and ongoing scores can be found below: 
26.2.2021 - Weekly Winner - Rockets and Flying Saucers 
Current overall winning class - Rockets and Flying Saucers 
  Friday 26th Feb 2021 Friday 5th Mar 2021 Friday 12th Mar 2021 Friday 19th Mar 2021 Friday 26th Mar 2021
Explorers 19        
Stars 19        
Moons 18        
Rockets 21        
Planets  17        
Astronauts 18        
Flying Sau 21        
Asteroids 20        
Galaxies 19        
Satellites 17        

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