Key workers

Mirroring the situation in March, the school will remain open for children of active critical workers and those who have been identified as vulnerable. Critical worker groups can be found listed below -


Critical Worker Groups -

Health and Social Care

Education and Childcare

Key Public Services

Local and National Government

Food and Necessary Goods

Public Safety and National Security


Utilities, Communication and Financial Services


For further information and examples, linked to critical workers - Please click use the link below:


If you feel that you fall within the Critical Worker Group and would like your child to attend school from Tuesday 5th January, please let the school know. You can do this by completing the appropriate form using the link below.


We have been advised by Department of Education that we should check for proof of employment as we did in March. As this is the case, please send an email with proof to by 5pm on Sunday. If you are unable to access a computer or electrical device, I will also be at school tomorrow (Friday 1st January 2020) between the hours of 10am and 12pm. I will ensure that all parents, whose children will be allowed to come to school on Tuesday, will be contacted by Sunday (7pm) at the latest. Unfortunately, without proof of employment we will not be allowed to accept your child(ren) on Tuesday.


T. 01702 557979