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Our motto, "Working together we learn and have fun" summarises our school. We are committed to every child achieving their academic potential whilst helping every child to become a well rounded individual. We are very aware that a successful partnership with our families is the ideal foundation for our children to flourish.

We hope this website will give you an insight into our school along with useful information.

Dear Parents / Carers,

I would like to start by welcoming all our children and their families back to school. I’ve been looking    forward to starting my first full year at Hadleigh Infants and Nursery ever since we broke up in July. I have thoroughly enjoyed walking around the school today, listening to the children’s stories about what they  have been up to during the holidays. I know the staff are very excited to have the children back and begin the new year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who gave up their own time during the holidays to ensure the classrooms and learning environment were ready for the new year. A special thanks must be given to Mr Aldridge who has worked tirelessly over the past six weeks. He has decorated the hall ways, made new furniture and completed lots of landscaping around the school grounds. 


New Staff

We are very lucky to announce two new members of staff who have joined our team since last year. We would like to welcome Miss Stevenson who will be the teacher in Bumblebee Class and Mr Dines who will be supporting the PE provision we provide the children here at Hadleigh Infants and Nursery. 


Year Group Curriculum Meetings

As the new school year begins many changes will take place to develop and improve current practice within the school. These changes will be discussed at different points throughout the first half term. I would like to invite all parents to a ‘Year Group Curriculum Meeting’ which will take place during the week beginning 18th September. During your child’s Year Group Meeting you will have the opportunity to hear about the curriculum that they will be covering during the current academic year. These meetings will also allow the year group teachers to discuss the assessment process your child will complete during the year. I will attend each meeting to discuss the main whole school changes for the year ahead of us.



Homework is something we have changed during the holidays; the new homework system will be          discussed during the curriculum meetings however, in the meantime, we are asking for children to read at home at least three times a week. Unfortunately, due to a problem with our supplier, we currently do not have reading logs to give to the children; these will hopefully be delivered by next week.

 Parent sessions

Last year, parents were invited into the classroom to support the children to complete different activities. Due to the changes in the lesson timetable these sessions will not be able to take place. To replace these sessions we will be inviting the parents into classes during one afternoon per half term. This session will last for an hour and will give the parents an opportunity to work with their children to complete tasks. The focus of these tasks will change each half term. This will hopefully give parents an opportunity to   experience the wider curriculum instead of just the core subjects.


After School Club

As advertised before the holidays, the school has set up our own after school club. If your child attends the Infants or Juniors and you would like your child to attend please phone the main office for further    details. If your child does attend the club we will require the ‘Care Information’ form to be completed    before they attend. This form is vital to ensure that we have all the relevant details to ensure your child’s safety.



As I stated in my last newsletter of the year, we are trying to improve the communication between the school and its stakeholders. Key dates will be released by the end of the week as well as the details of the  school’s new Facebook and Twitter pages. The school’s new website is currently being designed and this should be in place before December. Please remember if you have any questions or comments you can always email the school on the following email address  - parentscomments@hadleigh-inf.essex.sch.uk

I look forward to working closely with you, as parents, to develop the school even further during the next three terms.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. S. Proctor




Latest News


After School provision, from September, 3:10 – 6:00 only £8.50


Registration for the new After School Club is now open.


If you would like further information please see link below.








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