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Testimonials from Parents - 



My son started in reception in September 2020. He has really settled in wonderfully and enjoying his time. The thing I've been so impressed with so far about Hadleigh infants is communication.  Throughout the year we've had, the school starters weren't forgotten and they even came up with very creative ways to get some sort of induction for the children.  This was very well thought out. We have been and continue to be kept in the loop on things regarding our children, their class and the school.  This is really important to me. I get quick responses to any questions I have and easy access to those I need to ask. I'm also so pleased with the friendly community feel around the school when I drop off and pick up. It feels welcoming and nurturing from both staff and parents' 





My son joined Hadleigh Infants and Nursery School in September 2018, I had my reservations like any first time parent or carer sending their first child off to primary school. My son was awaiting formal diagnoses from a London hospital for Autism and other educational needs. So my reservations were heightened due to his needs. As soon as I met some of the staff who were going to be involved with him from the word go, I was immediately put at ease. All the staff that he has come into contact with have been extremely kind, caring and compassionate. Not only towards him but also myself, and I always feel I can pick up the phone and I will be listened to, being a parent of a child with additional needs, we dont get listened too enough and I certainly can guarantee within Hadleigh Infants and Nursery this is not the case. The headmaster Mr Proctor is a professional, but also you can see he has those kiddies best interests at heart. The school set up is great, my son loves being outdoors, and in reception having the extra outdoor learning space is a huge bonus! Also the sensory room is a great aspect for the school to have for those with sensory needs. From my son moving up from Reception to Year 1 and now Year 2 there has been good transition process for him and myself! Resources are great within the school, from books, to outdoor equipment, to learning resources. Great varied school lunch menu with those healthy options too! My son loves picnic day during the warmer months!!Some lovely events happen during the year, one in particular Bedtime stories evening, all kiddies come back to school around 6pm in there pjs, dressing gown and slippers, all teachers dressed same too, and they settle down with bedtime stories, cookies and drink! I could go on and on! There are only positive things I can say about the school, and I am so pleased my son is getting on so well and this is all down to the headmaster and his wonderful dedicated team of staff. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!





When my daughter started to attend school it came apparent that she struggled with anxiety, after talking to the school they recommended that she saw the school counsellor, and I’m so glad they did. Within a few sessions I noticed a difference with my daughter, she was communicating about her worries and not keeping it in. Unfortunately the lockdown happened half way through but it didn’t stop the counsellor from checking in by cards and by calls. The transition back to school was smoother than we thought and I put it down to the sessions my daughter had received. Last week at the parent teacher consultation we were told that our daughter was a mature child who showed leadership and was a confident member in the classroom. This was amazing for us and without the help I don’t think we would have heard it. The school strives to not only educate but to work on the wellness of their children. Something I’m sure many of us had wished for ourselves at that age.





My daughter first attended Hadleigh Infants and Nursery School part way through her Reception year. We had moved from overseas and my daughter was leaving everything she knew behind. I was extremely anxious about how she would settle into a new school with new friends in a completely foreign place. However, I could not be happier! The staff, children, parents and overall support and communication that this school provides is quite simply outstanding. Not only do they heavily support the needs of the children throughout the school day, but they also make sure that their needs are being met at home. Staff at HINS regularly keep in close contact with parents and make sure that the ENTIRE family’s needs are being met. My daughters emotional well-being was closely monitored as she adjusted to a new way of life and I was offered counselling through the school to help support my mental health needs too. There is genuine warmth and nurturing care that emulates from all members of staff and this is reflected in the attitudes, respect and wonderful behaviour of the children. The educational materials offered at school are constantly monitored and updated. The school has just invested in an entirely new Reading Scheme that is both modern, fun and adapted to work alongside the phonics curriculum. I also believe 30 new ipads have been purchased to help children become more independent and confident with computer technology. Overall, Hadleigh Infants and Nursery School is more than a school, it’s a family, it’s a way of life, it’s a place my daughter happily skips into every morning and leaves every afternoon with a smile on her face. As a parent, I am thrilled that my child has the opportunity to come here everyday.





Hadleigh infants is a fantastic school, the support is amazing not only for the children but parents as well. They don’t only focus on the children academically but also emotionally. I can't think of a better school to send my children too.





Hadleigh Infants and Nursery school have been a great support for my family, the school are friendly and so helpful. The support for my children and myself has been great, it doesn’t matter what it is there is always someone who will have the answer or shown me the right help to get. We are in receipt of free school meals for the children, this is a great help as the children have tried different vegetables and dinners they wouldn’t even give a go at home. During the lockdown the free school meal support/food parcels were a massive help, this meant I didn’t have to take all the children to the supermarket during the height of the pandemic as we couldn’t even get a food shop slot, I knew that the children were having a healthy lunch and it was one less stress. 




HINS is an excellent school. Every member of the staff is kind, caring, proactive and professional. Children’s achievements be they academic, sporting or general development are recognised and celebrated. Children’s opinions are consulted and valued when school reports are being completed, allowing them to set some of their own goals for their future learning. During lockdown the Head Teacher and all the staff went above and beyond to engage with all the children and their parents. Both my children love HINS, it’s a wonderful school environment that offers lots of different learning experiences. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this school to anyone.





Testimonials from Visitors -
I attended Hadleigh Infant School 70 years ago and was delighted when I was approached to talk to the children about school life in the 1950s. On entering the school I was greeted by friendly staff and was impressed by the warm feeling of the school. It was lovely to see the creativity of the children’s work both in the form of art and language displayed in the corridors.  I found the children very keen to listen and also ask intelligent questions when invited to do so. All the children were exceptionally polite and well behaved. My visit proved to be very special and I hope that I will be invited back again another time.
Testimonials from the Parents' Association -

Being part of the parent’s association is such a valuable experience.  It has given me so many opportunities to expand my skills, improve my confidence and make new friends, all whilst raising much needed funds for the school.  These funds are always used to benefit all pupils at the school and to provide fantastic experiences for the children to create lasting memories.  I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment during my time on the PA and I would urge anyone thinking of volunteering to go for it.  You won’t regret it!





Testimonials from Staff at HINS - 

Hadleigh Infant and Nursery school is an incredible place to work with a fun, friendly, supportive atmosphere. Strong leadership has created a culture that is passionate about delivering exciting learning experiences, but keeps the safety, well-being and happiness of staff, families and children at the centre of everything that happens.  It’s a joy to see the children develop in the years they are with us, and it never ceases to amaze me how much they learn and just how capable they are (especially at Maths!)  Our families are so engaging and encouraging, and this has been especially evident in the past few months with the positive feedback and conversations we have all appreciated.  I hope to be a part of this family for many years to come.  What a privilege to get out of bed every morning and go do a ‘job’ that you love!





I have seen so many changes over the years whilst working at Hadleigh Infants, however the one thing that has never changed is the feeling of the safe, friendly and happy place it gives.  Even in these strange and worrying times that feeling is still there.  To watch the children grow from Nursery to getting ready for their next adventure, when they leave us for the Juniors, is a real pleasure.

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