Additional Information

Additional Information 



Opening Hours

Breakfast Club will be open from 7.30am – 8.45pm term time only. It will not be open on training days/bank holidays or school holidays.


Arrival at 7.30am and Departure from 8.35am

Breakfast Club will not commence prior to 7.30am. Parents should accompany their child/ren to the school entrance and will need to sign their child/ren into the club. At no point should a child be left to enter the club without an adult. We cannot be held responsible for any children until the point that they are signed into the club.



All staff are DBS checked and are provided with up-to-date  Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Data Protection training. All staff are hired by the school and are held accountable through the school's Code of Conduct. 



Once the children have settled we will serve breakfast. After this we will organise activities each day, puzzle sheets, arts and crafts, games, puzzles and Lego. We will also have a comfy corner where books can be read or the children can simply relax.



Please do not send your child to the Breakfast Club if they are showing signs of illness such as a diarrhoea, vomiting or any contagious illness. Please keep him or her at home until the symptoms have cleared up.



All payments should be made via School Money when notified.  If you have any issues accessing the payment system please contact the School Office.



If you no longer require your child to attend the Breakfast Club where possible please send an email to to inform us.



The children will be offered water at all times.  The breakfast provided will consist of a choice of Milk, Water or Juice. On offer will also be a choice of cereal a toasted item and fruit. Please make sure that we are aware of any food allergies.



We ask that the children do not bring valuable equipment to the club, as we cannot be held responsible for breakages or loss.


Parental/Carer Involvement

 The staff at the Breakfast Club will be happy to discuss any matters concerning your child/ren with you and if desired a meeting can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Most children settle well however, should your child not settle after a reasonable period of  time we may have to consider whether is right for your child continue attending. We will work closely with you at all times to ensure that your child/ren’s best interests are met.


Behaviour Management

Being part of the school we adhere to the school's Behaviour Policy. A copy of this can be requested from the office. We operate a strict no-bullying policy and all children are encouraged to report any such incidents to a member of staff.


Complaints and Grievances

If you have any issues, concerns or ideas about the Breakfast Club please feel free to discuss these with us your feedback is always appreciated. However, should you not be happy with our findings, please speak follow the school's Complaints Policy.


Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing excellent care for all children regardless of their culture, race, religion, social background or gender. The Breakfast Club follows the school's Equality Policy. 


Child Protection

We comply with local child protection procedures and follow the school's Child Protection Policy.


Adhoc Spaces

If you do not require a regular space, your child can attend for a session as and when you require. We do require completion of all forms and payment will be required via School Money when notified.  


T. 01702 557979